Exam times for upcoming exam session

Emilia A.  /Niamh B./ Hollie W.   4pm
Hannah M./Jude W./Lucy C. / Florence R.  4.25pm
Lexi D./Isabella A.   4.50pm
Kirsten A./ KATIE R./ Evelyn C/ Isabel D.   5.10pm
Chloe B./ Demi B.   5.40pm
Ellie W./ Kate D./ Emily W.   6.25pm
Sarah B./ Annabel E./ Olivia MB/ Alisha A./Erin L.   7.10pm
Holly J.    7.45pm

Please note that grade exams are long and children may be at Zazz for up to 2 hours if doing 2 or more grade exams. Children must be dropped and collected in the same way as for classes. Children can please call their parents to collect them when finished.
Please bear with us as this will be our first exam session under the Covid government guidelines.

Our stage maybe small but the ghost light is a beacon of hope. I know we'll be back and that Zazz will once again be filled with light, sound and life.