Caitlin U. 4pm
Kirsten A. 4pm (tap first)
Emilia K. 4.15pm
Emily W. 4.15pm
Grace F. 4.20pm
Claudia C./ Jasmine B./Fern RG. 4.40pm (jazz first).
Isabella A. 4.55pm
Jack M. 5pm
Ava M. 5.20pm (jazz first)
Grace G./ Zoe KA .5.20pm
Jessica C. 5.30pm (jazz first).
Hollie W./ Emilia A./ Niamh B. 5.35pm (jazz first).
Amy C. 6.05pm
Florence R. 6.30pm (ballet first).
Hannah M. 6.30pm (ballet first).
Demi W. 6.40pm (tap first).
Katie R. 6.45pm (tap first).
Jude W. 7pm.
Anja A. 7.05pm (ballet first).
Olivia MB./ Erin L./ Alisha A. 7.10pm ( jazz first).
Lucy W. 7.35pm (ballet first).
Alice D. 8pm
Lucy C. 8.25pm (tap first).
Kirsty M. 8.40pm (jazz first).
Emily C. 8pm
Danielle S. 4pm
Isabel D. 4.55pm
Annabel E. 8.40pm (jazz first)
Niamh D. 8.40pm (jazz first).
Eliza W. 7.50pm
Eleanor H. 5.40pm
Abigail K. 4.15pm
Sarah B. 8.40pm (jazz first).
Chloe B. 6.45pm
Charlotte C. 4pm

The time given below is the start time of the actual exam. Please arrive 10-15minutes earlier than this time to warm up , dressed in correct uniform and hair in a bun with no fringes
No extravagant makeup to be worn for exams, natural only please and no jewellery.