ZAZZ Photography

Welcome to ZAZZ Photography, where we provide comprehensive photography solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of services, from initial photo shoots to high-quality editing and studio prints. Our prices start from just £10.00, making professional photography accessible to all. Our studio is led by a degree-qualified photographer who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. Whether you're looking to capture cherished family moments, promote your business, or simply explore your creative side, we have the expertise and equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Storytelling Photography

At ZAZZ Photography, we go beyond traditional photography by specializing in storytelling photography. Every image we capture tells a unique story, weaving together moments of emotion, beauty, and significance. Our approach ensures that each photo isn't just a picture but a narrative, a piece of art that resonates with personal meaning and professional impact.

Our Versatile Services

As part of the wider ZAZZ business, ZAZZ Photography is renowned for its excellence in dance photography. However, our expertise extends far beyond that. We cover a broad spectrum of photography services, including events, headshots, portraiture, family photography, and more. Whether it's the grace of a dancer, the joy of a family gathering, or the professionalism of a corporate headshot, we capture it all with finesse and artistry.

In addition to our photography services, we also offer the opportunity for clients to use our photography studio and facilities. With technical support available from just £20.00 an hour, you can access the tools and expertise you need to create your own stunning photographs.

Storytelling Through Photography

Imagine walking into our studio, a place where creativity and technical skill come together to create magic. Picture a family gathered, laughing and sharing moments as our photographer captures the essence of their bond. Each click of the camera is a chapter in their story, a memory preserved in stunning detail.

Visualize a business owner standing proudly in front of their storefront, the passion and hard work reflected in their eyes. Our storytelling photography captures not just the image, but the journey and dedication behind their success.

Or think of an artist exploring their creative side, using our studio space to experiment with light, shadow, and composition. With our professional support, their vision comes to life, every photograph a testament to their artistic journey.

At ZAZZ Photography, we believe that every photograph should be a window into a world of stories. Let us help you tell yours.

" Capturing your perfect moment in time, for you to keep forever "

Andrew Thompson
B.A. (Hons) Photography Video & Digital Imaging

Instant Portraits

£15.00 (£10.00 digital image only)

  • Includes 8" x 6" Print in a mount
  • Includes Digital image to share
  • In Studio
  • Flash or LED Lighting
  • Ideal if you missed school photos
  • Print packages available for additional fee

Studio Shoot

£ Just pay for photos

  • No upfront Fees 
  • No time limits
  • Unlimited outfit changes
  • Review photo sitting after shoot
  • Only pay for photos you want
  • Photo packages from £20.00
  • Prints from 6" x 4" to 18" x 12"


From £250.00

  • Videography & Photography
  • Launch Events, Promotion etc.
  • Bespoke package to your needs
  • All editing included in price
  • Prints available as required
  • 1/2 Day or Full day bookings

Theatre Costume Shoot


  • Costumes from ZAZZ Theatres Costume collection
  • Three Costume Changes
  • Three instant, 8" x 6" Prints
  • 1 to 3 Children Recommended 
  • Studio shooting
  • Print packages available for additional fee

Family Photos and Print Package


  • Individual and group photos
  • Includes all photo editing
  • Five instant, 8" x 6" Prints
  • Two 18" x 12" Prints or Five T-shirts
  • Studio shooting
  • No fixed time limits
  • Two outfit changes
  • Additional prints available

Unlimited Studio Shoot


  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • No time limits
  • Includes all photo editing
  • Instant Review of Photos
  • Photos edited for Print and to share
  • One instant, 8" x 6" Print
  • One, 18" x 12" Print
  • Additional prints available