Lollipop Classes

Lollipop Classes

Welcome to our Lollipop Dance Class, a fun and engaging dance program specially designed for children ages 2 1/2 to 4. Our Lollipop Dance Class is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to explore the world of dance, express themselves creatively, and develop their coordination and balance skills in a nurturing and supportive environment.


Our Lollipop children work towards their Teddy Bear exams, providing them with a sense of achievement and recognition for their hard work. They also have the chance to perform shows, normally twice per year, where they can showcase their talents and skills in front of friends and family.


The cost of each 30-minute class is only £4.00, making it an affordable and accessible option for families who want to introduce their children to the joy of dance. We believe that dance is an excellent tool for personal growth and self-expression and are committed to providing our little ones with the best possible start in their dance journey. Join us today for an exciting and fun-filled class with our Lollipop Dance Class!

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Our Lollipop Dance Class offers two different classes to choose from based on your child's interests and preferences. The first class is Prince and Princess Ballet, which provides an excellent opportunity for your little ones to start their journey to becoming a ballerina. The class focuses on developing ballet techniques, including posture, balance, and coordination, and encourages self-expression through creative movement and storytelling.


The second class is Tap, Jazz with Freestyle, which introduces your child to basic tap and jazz steps and offers a chance for them to explore their creativity with freestyle to upbeat music. This class encourages coordination, rhythm, and musicality while allowing your child to express themselves freely and have fun.


Our Lollipop Dance Classes are led by experienced and qualified teachers who have a passion for working with young children. They are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where your child can learn and grow through play, music, and dance.

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