Enrolling at ZAZZ is easy!

Please call 0191 5840764 or email info@zazzuk.com

We will give you advice on which classes are best suited to you or your child.

We have weekly lessons in each subject on a variety of days for all different ages.

Your child can attend more than one class of the same subject each week (e.g. tap/jazz/ballet on a Wednesday and a Saturday) if they would like to attend extra classes.

If you have not received an enrolment form/current class timetable/current price list please ask.

Enrolment at Zazz is an annual fee.

Children receive a different coloured enrolment badge for up to 10 years. When they have been attending Zazz for 10 years then they are awarded a lifetime of free enrolment in the academy.

Children are encouraged to work hard in class and will sometimes gain stickers for their good work from their teacher which they can put onto their "Class Sticker Card" (available from Reception).  

We also have a reward card system. Each time you pay for a child's dance class you will get points added to your Zazz Card.  When you have 20 you can use them for ¬£2 off anything available (e.g. dance lessons, Zazz boutique, the bar etc...)

Please note that enrolment is free for adults and are welcome into any of our adult classes.

We look forward to welcoming you into Zazz!

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