Term Cards & Pre-Payment Cards

Term Cards:

Your child will be able to do as many lessons in the subject purchased without paying any extra (as long as they are the right age and ability for the Class, Pupils can attend classes lower than the grade that they are onto but not higher, when a pupil attends a lower grade class be aware their grade work will not be taught).
it will be cheaper than paying per lesson (buy 1 get the rest free!) and there will also be no need to queue at reception each time.

Pre-Payment Cards:

Pre payment cards work the same as term cards apart from you can only attend the specific class paid for, the benefit is that you get 2 weeks for free and there will be no need to queue each week at Reception.

Reminder: When you purchase a Term Card or Pre Payment, you will receive a Payment Confirmation Sheet and a Term Card; the card will have to be produced by the pupil in class. Term/Pre Payment Cards must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. If you have not paid for one and your child attends the class, the normal class fee will apply. Term/Pre Payment Cards are non refundable and prices are based on how many weeks are in a term If you miss your first week, don't worry you can still buy a Card, however the cost will remain the full term amount.