Starlet (School Yrs 1 - 3. unless listed separately)


12-12:45pm Princess Class (4-7yrs)
Princesses in Training - This class is ideal for your child who loves all the classic Princesses 

Dance principles in this class will include Ballet and Ballroom

12:45-1:15pm Starlet Tap Only

1:15-1:45pm Starlet Jazz Only

1:45-2:15pm Starlet Ballet Only

Or 12:45 - 2:15 PM Theatre (Tap/lJazz/Ballet)

2:15 - 3pm Street/Freestyle&Cheerleading


 2:30-3pm Starlet Ballet Only

3-3:30pm Starlet Jazz Only

3:30-4pm Starlet Tap Only

or 2:30-4pm Starlet Tap/Jazz/Ballet

 2-3pm Acro Dance (7yrs+)

** New Class ** 5:15-6pm Boys Only Street/Freestyle


 4:45-5:30pm Ballroom (4-7yrs)


4-4:30pm Starlet Tap Only

4:30-5pm Starlet Jazz Only

5-5:30pm Starlet Ballet Only

or 4-5:30pm Starlet Tap/Jazz/Ballet

5:30-6:15pm Starlet Street/Freestyle/Cheer

6:15-7pm Starlet Acro Dance


 5-5:30pm Starlet Tap Only

5:30-6pm Starlet Jazz Only

6-6:30pm Starlet Ballet Only

or 5-6:30pm Starlet Tap/Jazz/Ballet


4-5pm Starlet Tap/Jazz/Ballet

5-5:30pm Starlet Street/Freestyle (4-8yrs)

6:30-7:15pm Irish Dancing (Reception Age+)