Junior and Senior

Junior classes Year4-6

Senior Classes Year7+


10-12:15pm Junior Stageschool


10-10:45am Junior Drama Only (8+)

10:45-11:30am Junior Singing Only (8+)

10-12:15pm Junior Drama/Singing/Performance (8+)

12:45-1:45pm Junior Street/Freestyle

1:45-2:15pm Junior Cheerleading

2:15-2:45pm Junior Tap Only (Beginner-Grade 2)

2:45-3:15pm Junior Jazz Only (Beginner-Grade2)

3:30pm-4pm Junior Ballet Only (Beginner-Grade1)

4-4:45pm Junior Ballet (Grade2-3Only)

*Junior Tap/Jazz/Ballet Combined Price Available*


10-12:15pm Senior School Stageschool


10-10:45am Senior School Singing Only (12+)

10:45-11:30am Senior School Drama Only (12+)

10-12:15pm Senior School Drama/Singing/Performance (12+)

1:45-2:15pm Senior School Cheerleading

2:15-3:15pm Intermediate Senior School Freestyle/Street

3:15-4pm G4-6 Ballet

4-4:30pm Pre-Pointe/Pointe Class **NEW CLASS** 

(Pointe work will now be done in this class - not normal ballet classes)

4:30-5:30pm Advanced Freestyle/Street (Invite Only)

5:30-6pm G3-6 Jazz

6-6:30pm G3-6 Tap


2:30-3:30pm Junior/Senior ACRO (7+)

3:30-4:30pm SHOW CLASS (Please Enquire If Interested)

4:30-5:30pm Senior School Contemporary

5:30-6:30 Junior/Senior Ballroom **NEW CLASS**


5-5:45pm Advanced Irish (IDTA Irish Gold+ Standard)

5:45-6:30pm Advanced Cheerleading (Please Ask if interested)

6:30-7pm Student Class (Invite Only)

7-7:30 Cabaret Tap (Invite Only)

7:30-8pm Cabaret Jazz (Invite Only)

8-9pm Intermediate Foundation Ballet (After Grade 6 Ballet is completed - Exam Syllabus Pointework included)

8-9pm Student Advanced Ballet (Invite Only)


5-5:30pm Junior Ballet (Beginner-Grade3)

5:30-6pm Junior Jazz (Beginner-Grade3)

6-6:30pm Junior Tap (Beginner-Grade3)

6:30-7pm Junior Contemporary

7-8pm Junior Street/Freestyle (9-15yrs)

8-8:30pm Junior Cheerleading (9-15yrs)

7:45-8:45pm Advanced Ballroom (Invite Only)

THURSDAY Senior School Year 7+

5-5:30pm Senior School Jazz (Beginner-Grade6)

5:30-6pm Senior School Tap (Beginner-Grade6)

6-6:30 pm Senior School Ballet (Beginner-Grade1)

6-6:45pm Senior School Ballet (Grade 2-6)

6:45-7:15pm Senior School Pointe / Pre-Pointe (Grade 3+) **NEW CLASS**

(Pointe work will now be done in this class - not normal ballet classes)

7:15-8:15pm Senior School Street/Freestyle


4-4:30pm Junior PG1-2 Tap

4:30-5pm Junior PG1-2 Jazz

5-5:30pm Junior PG1-2 Ballet

5:30-7pm Junior Stageschool

7:15-8pm Junior/Senior Irish Dancing

6:30-7:15pm Irish Dancing (Beginner+)